Dennis Adriaansen Blog How to Use Social Media Correctly And Increase Traffic
30 Jan 2017
Dennis Adriaansen

How to Use Social Media Correctly And Increase Traffic

If we continue the way, we do now. We all will spend around five years of our life on social media. In case you didn't know: that's a very long time. This is exactly the reason why you should care (more) about your social media activities. We take care of it like "it's a necessary thing, and everyone is doing it."

But this is wrong. You should understand the importance of social media and better:

You should know how to do it right. 

A lot of internet based companies are used to work offline. They found themselves adjusting to the new (online) world we all in since a couple of years. The businesses that started online also had to change their workflow because of the massive transformation of the internet in the last five years. 

When you have to adjust to something you don't know there is a big chance that you find yourself doing stuff you do not understand. 

This is why a lot of social media icons are misplaced or not function as expected. A lot of people underestimate the benefits they can gain from a correct use of sharing tools. 

First things first. We have to know wat your client is trying to accomplish. Does he sell products? Yes? What can you tell about the products?

Let's take an example, and we will imagine that your client is selling luxury watches and he is pretty obsessed with his products. He doesn't sell cheap bracelets but only brands as Omega and Rolex. So we have to let people know about the products and make them wanna talk about the products.

That's the primary goal, right? We want to let people talk about the products.

So how we will accomplish that?


Make them euphoric

So you are on your phone and listen to some new songs released last week. After two or three tracks you can't believe your ears. This song is pretty awesome, and you tab repeat. So what is your next move? Exactly. You share the song with friends.

You are so happy with the new track. And that is the key. When you're happy, you want to share your thoughts. This is what we need for our client.

We have to let people talk about his products and share the information we provide.

Branded watches are known for their extreme high-quality materials. Almost every element is handmade or at least put together by hand.  So why not take a closer look at those details. A blog post will help us archive that. 

You ask your designer to make some real good high-quality images and let the content artist do the thing he does best.

You are telling the visitor/reader all the beautiful details in such a way that they can't resist the feeling of happiness and enjoyment. If they experience those feelings, they may want to buy something.

Maybe they would like to get a second opinion. 

Exactly at this time, they have to find your share buttons. If you make the icons as beautiful as the article, he will find them. And use them for sure.

Do you know someone who is randomly placing social media icons? 
Share this article he may increase his sales or quality of his product. 

So. The next time you hear share buttons. Do not think about them as needed parts of a website or article. They can literally boost your marketing and sales. You just have t know how and when. And hey! I just told you. So go to your previous project. Check your icons and fix them today.